Prayer of Two Griefs

Prayer of Two Griefs

We grieve deeply this morning. 

Our grief is in tension, and today we faithfully hold that tension together.

We are saddened by the destruction of property that left the city of Grand Rapids broken and reeling last night.

We are saddened by the danger this caused to civilians, and to law enforcement officers who strive to keep order and peace in our communities.  

We do not condone violence in any form, and we lift up our voices for peace and love of our neighbor, no matter how different they are from us.

Our grief is in tension, and we faithfully hold that tension together.

Even though we grieve the destructive acts of some, we will not lose sight of the greater injustice, or of the voices of many who gathered together to peacefully protest around the country last night.

We are saddened that another person of color, particularly a black person whose name is George Floyd, was murdered by a law enforcement officer.  

We grieve deeply, because this has been a pattern in our country’s history.  

We remind ourselves today that our country was built on the oppression of all black people, in order to lift up some white people.

We acknowledge that this was our status quo for hundreds of years.

We remind ourselves that an unjust system built over hundreds of years cannot be remedied in a few decades. We have more work to do.

God, help first to examine ourselves.  To learn how our systems and structures might privilege us, especially if we are white.  Help us to walk in the shoes of our neighbor, and to seek understanding.

God, help us to be advocates.  To have courage to speak up, and to peacefully advocate for change.  Give us wisdom and compassion.

And God, perhaps most importantly, give us the sacrificial hearts of servants.  If we find ourselves in a privileged position, to be willing to lay that down for others who have been marginalized or oppressed.  

We know that in heaven no one is greater than another. No one has to be afraid because of the color of their skin.  

May your will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven.

Rev. Billy Norden


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