Action Plan for COVID-19

Dear Members and Friends of The Community,

We know that you are getting a flood of emails concerning how different organizations are responding to the constantly evolving coronavirus threat.  A portion of our Consistory met today to decide on a plan going forward. The decisions we made were challenging – because none of us have ever experienced anything like this before. But amidst the unique challenge, there was clarity and consensus, helping us to know that our plan of action seemed best for you, and for the rest of our community.

For the rest of March, The Community Church in Ada will cease large group gatherings, and host virtual worship services during each Sunday in March.  We will reassess at the end of March as things continue to develop.

This decision is values driven.  If organizations like ours make decisions to limit in-person interactions, the data shows us that it will have a significant impact in slowing the spread of the virus, and will help our hospitals to cope more reasonably with the need of care that will arise.  Strangely enough, this will be a successful effort if nothing big happens with the advancement of the virus.  Our ministry is grounded in the care of the community, and this is one way that we can take responsibility and act with courage.

So how will we worship?  After all, we are talking about Sabbath, and worship is a vital way that we practice the sabbath.  It will be a grand experiment, and we may tweak it as the weeks go on.

We will use an online videoconferencing service called Zoom.  Mara and I will host the service, lead us in prayer, liturgy, scripture, and a sermon.  There will even be the opportunity to write in prayer requests in a chat bar, so that we can pray for each other just as we always do.  The session will be recorded, so that if you aren’t able to make it live, you’ll be able to view it at your convenience later.

To enter the video-conference, the simplest method is to click this link:

You’ll want to click the link and test it beforehand if you’ve never used zoom, to make sure that your browser has a chance to download and install the correct plugin.  Don’t hesitate to call Pastor Billy if you need assistance getting this set up: 616-340-8006

We will send out a reminder on Sunday morning as well with this information, and any materials that might supplement the time of worship.
A few other important details:

Giving: Your financial gifts during this strange season are more important than ever.  So that we may keep our operations running smoothly, create innovative virtual worship experiences, and continue to make an impact in the world, we encourage you to find a different practice of giving to the church if you usually give through the passing of the plates.  You can text to give: (616) 499-3255 or give online using this link: You can also give through your Breeze app, and we will gratefully accept checks mailed directly to the church.  Thank you for your faithful giving during this time!

Other Meetings: We are encouraging all other groups, events, and activity to meet virtually, or postpone their meetings.  By all of us working together in “Social Distancing” we can have a greater impact.

Need: As the world grapples with economic and social impacts of this pandemic, we realize that some of you may be affected.  This is why God calls us to be the church, and to care for each other.  Should you have financial need or other needs in the days to come, reach out and ask for help. A good place to start is with our chair of Deacons, Adam Kinder:

Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mara if you have questions or needs during this season.  Your care Elder and Deacon will also be checking in with you periodically as well. Please use it as an opportunity to share how you’re doing, and how we can pray for you.


Pastor Billy

Pastor Mara, Mark Luehmann, and Adam Kinder

PS: If you’d rather use a telephone to listen to the worship service, you can call in on Sunday at 10:00am using this number: 1 646 876 9923

  • Sunday Schedule

    10:00 am – Service
    Nursery - infants through age 3

    Partway through Service - Children’s Worship: Ages 4-10

    After Service – Cookies and Coffee Social Gathering