Sermon Archives: April2019

Billy Norden
April 28, 2019

Better Than You Found It

We all have a desire to be generous and make an impact in the world. So what is preventing us?

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Billy Norden
April 21, 2019

The Living Parable

What if the resurrection wasn’t a one time thing? What if Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection pointed us to a pattern that happens all the time.  What would it mean for how we live, what we hope for, and how we experience suffering?

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Kristy Bootsma
April 14, 2019

God’s Way

Pastoral Intern Kristy Bootsma challenges us to think about letting God guide the path we walk in life, rather than trying (and failing) to choose our own way.

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Mara Norden
April 7, 2019

With Her Hair

Pastor Mara talks about a scandalous scripture passage – a scandal that many have placed on the wrong character…

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