Sermon Archives: March2017

Billy Norden
March 26, 2017

Meet the Family

Pastor Billy continues our series on Wholeheartedness by talking about the kind of work it takes to begin the journey to wholeness.

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Mara Norden
March 19, 2017

Where Are You?

Pastor Mara continues our sermon series on Wholeheartedness by looking at what God’s response is to Adam and Eve in the Garden as they try to hide.

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Heather Stroobosscher
March 12, 2017

Awakening to Wholeness

Guest Pastor Heather Stroobosscher reminds us of God’s will for our lives. This is truly good news.

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Billy Norden
March 5, 2017

We Are Many

Do you feel busy, exhausted, and pulled in too many directions? This series is for you. Join us for “Wholeheartedness”, and pick up the companion book of the same name by Chuck DeGroat if you’d like to learn more.

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