Sermon Archives: November2013

Billy Norden
November 24, 2013


Sometimes when we compromise our values by saying ‘yes’ to things we know we shouldn’t, it changes how people see us. ¬†Today we’ll talk about the importance of occasionally saying ‘no’ to the things that make us into something that we are not.

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Pastor Billy Norden
November 17, 2013

Great Things

Personal care leads to public transformation.

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Mara Norden
November 10, 2013

Broken = Open

In this heart-wrenching story about David we learn about confrontation, confession, and the reality of consequences and grace.

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Billy Norden
November 6, 2013


Truth-telling can be really painful…but it can also be redemptive. ¬†Without speaking and hearing the truth, we can’t hope that things can change for the better.

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