Strategic Plan


Three Year Strategic Ministry Plan (2015-2016-2017)

Our Mission: To follow in the way of Jesus by doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God. (Micah 6:8)

Our Core Values (Who we are):  Christ-centered, Community engagement, Family and Youth focused, Hospitable, Loving, Open-minded, Playful, and Welcoming

Our Guiding Vision Principles (How we move forward):  To encourage and empower each other to live out Micah 6:8 in our daily lives, The Community will act to abide by five guiding vision principles so that all may experience and grow in the love of Christ.

  • Establish meaningful relationships among each other and those we encounter
  • Utilize assets and gifts, including facilities and property, to serve the needs of others
  • Achieve financial stability
  • Empower faithful engagement with social and faith topics
  • Eliminate barriers to growth


Recognizing that meaningful relationships are essential for experiencing and sharing the love of Christ, The Community seeks to establish meaningful relationships inside and outside the congregation.

Year 1 Focus on Inside-Out Groups

  1. Nurture and grow current groups
  2. Promote second cycle of Inside-Out options for 2015, creating new opportunities to connect additional people
  3. Identify a volunteer program manager to coordinate, support, and sustain group cycles

Year 2 Expand Groups to be More Self Sustaining

  1. Encourage people who participated in the groups to lead new groups
  2. Identify which Inside-Out groups that have potential for greater collaboration inside and outside the congregation
  3. Strengthen missions by guiding the Inside-Out groups to follow their passions and focus on the “Out” part of the groups. (For example helping with Heartside, volunteering at a school, organizing a clothing drive, etc.)

Year 3 Partner with Other Churches and Organizations

  1. Develop relationships with leaders in neighboring churches and organizations
  2. Encourage team leaders and group leaders to collaborate with other congregations and organizations, especially our mission partners, to fulfill their needs and share what we’ve learned about small group development.


Recognizing that Christian faith calls us to pursue justice, The Community seeks to empower its members to talk about controversial issues in a way that honors Christ and deepens relationships with each other.
Year 1   Learn how to talk about relevant social and faith topics in a way that promotes an understanding of our faith tradition, our personal beliefs, and an ability to listen deeply to all perspectives.

  1. Train leaders in Restorative Circles, empowering them to facilitate conversations where people can speak and listen in a way that deepens relationships
  2. Select a group of trained leaders to design and implement multi-layered (one-on-one, small group, congregation wide, community-wide) conversation series about relevant social and faith topics, including a process for reflection at the conclusion of series
  3. Implement the first multi-layered conversation series on a relevant social and faith topic to be determined by the trained leaders in consultation with the elders and pastors

Year 2   Expand leader base, continue conversation series

  1. Evaluate the first conversation series. Proceed with one or two additional topics, tweaking the process as necessary
  2. Create opportunities for more people to be trained in restorative circle facilitating
  3. Encourage congregation members to share their beliefs and proactively invite friends to attend worship and these conversation series
  4. Reflect on what we’ve learned about our congregation and ourselves through this process.

Year 3   Integrate restorative circle practices into general congregational life

  1. Proceed with one or two additional topics, tweaking the process as necessary
  2. Reflect on what needs to change in our congregation’s way of being (including statements, policies, vision statement, mission partners, etc), in light of what we’ve learned in this process
  3. Encourage Restorative Circles facilitators to use their skills in difficult conversations in other areas of their lives


Recognizing that our building is an asset to be shared, The Community seeks to utilize its facilities and property to serve the needs of others

Year 1   Communicate and Share Resources with Residents of the Township

  1. Display free WiFi signs for patio
  2. Offer our building as workspace for the Business Association and remote workers
  3. Provide space for continued education classes for the township and school districts
  4. Create a play space for children using input from moms’ groups and young parents
  5. Hang art from Heartside
  6. Explore becoming an Art Prize 2015 venue. Contact the Ada Business Association to determine interest in collaborating venues
  7. Identify what needs are not being currently met with public space

Year 2   Beautification

  1. Discuss re-design with Township to determine viability of a partnership space
  2. Use Pay-As-You-Go funds to make improvements to the building and furniture

Year 3   Become a Full Community Center

  1. Integrate with Ada Township to make our property a mixed use community center
  2. If integration is not approved by the township, actively pursue alternate development opportunities to strengthen our community outreach


Recognizing that financial stewardship has both practical and spiritual implications for the health of the church, The Community aspires to achieve financial stability.

Year 1  Stewardship Review

  1. Review records to determine if current members giving at healthy amounts. Could members increase their giving?  Do we need expand our outside revenue sources?
  2. Educate deacons on giving options so they can better answer questions from givers
  3. Assemble FAQ information handouts on estate planning and various giving options
  4. Gather information from stakeholders on what would make them increase giving

Year 2   Generate Revenue

  1. Articulate dream missions that could be supported to inspire increased giving
  2. Grow the number of givers through new members and visitors
  3. Use facility to generate revenue, begin to use the building as a community center
  4. Develop business model for outside revenue including the possibility of generating revenue from property/commercial development based off of Township re-design

Year 3   Establish Stability

  1. Become financially healthy so that revenue is over and above budgeted expenses, and that our reserves are at least $30,000.
  2. Following the achievement of this goal, actively pursue a budget where ¼ of our spending is on missions


Recognizing that community is central to our identity, we seek to discover and eliminate barriers to more people joining the mission of The Community.

Year 1   Increase visibility in our community through existing activities

  1. Encourage Inside/Out groups to talk about The Community in their “out” projects
  2. Implement the 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff
  3. Educate members about concrete ways to raise awareness about The Community
  4. More effectively leverage farmers’ market, Tinsel Treats & Trolleys, chili cookoff, charity auction, Ada Business Association events, etc, as marketing opportunities

Year 2   Increase visibility through new avenues

  1. Identify and pursue new advertising possibilities that will reach our “target audience.”
  2. Explore creative changes in our indoor and outdoor space to draw more attention to our existence and reflect who we are as a congregation (possibly a play structure, wifi signs, beautification)

Year 3   Move from visibility to missional living

  1. Have ministry teams volunteering in key areas of our local community, serving with a central focus on our mission statement
  2. The Community will be a vibrant and sustainable congregation who is known as a key player in the health of our community


  • Sunday Schedule

    10:00 am – Service
    Nursery - infants through age 3

    Partway through Service - Children’s Worship: Ages 4-10

    After Service – Cookies and Coffee Social Gathering