Redevelopment Recommendation

After a season of listening, seeking opportunities, and having meaningful conversations with each other, Consistory (our leadership board) is ready to recommend the following next step in our redevelopment process.

Following the round-table conversations on Sunday, September 25, we received this data to work with:rec1

It became clear that the most interest and energy were found primarily in Concept 4 (the boutique hotel and church partnership) and secondly in Concept 1 (hold for now).

In the following chart, you’ll see the equation for “Energy.” Energy = Excitement + Questions: Movement in a positive direction.  Using this equation, Concept 4 received 90 “points”, far above the other concepts.rec2

This gave us clarity that, while there is an enormous amount of detail to explore and significant questions to ask, focusing on Concept 4 will best honor the energy of the congregation.

Here is the recommendation for you to consider:

Recommendation to the Membership: To establish a team for the purpose of working with Orion Development to explore in detail the possibility of establishing a partnership to develop a boutique hotel/restaurant along with a church-owned facility on our property.  The team will endeavor to deliver a plan which reflects the guiding principles for this project for presentation and approval of Consistory and Classis by Feb 1, 2017.  Particular attention will be paid to answering the questions which have been—and will continue to be—constructively raised by our church family.

We felt that while Concept 4 has the most energy, there are also questions surrounding the feasibility and fit of the project that must be answered before a commitment can be made. The “Team of Experts” will work with the congregation to conduct a feasibility study in conjunction with the developer over a 90 day period. If the feasibility study is successful, the “Team of Experts” will propose a final product to Consistory and Classis that not only meets our current needs, but is the next step in helping us be who God is calling us to become.  The Consistory will select a team made up of “experts” from the congregation in the fields of building, engineering, legal, finance, mission, worship, etc.

You are probably brimming with questions.  As a way to process this recommendation, Consistory leaders will be speaking a little bit more about this recommendation after worship this Sunday, October 16. The bulk of that time will be a Question and Answer session, so please come ready to ask anything that might be on your mind at this point.  Unlike the past two meetings, there will not be food or childcare, so please plan accordingly.

Finally, two helpful analogies to understand what this recommendation is:

  1. The recommendation is like moving from dating to becoming engaged.  There is a commitment and expressed intent to follow through with this relationship, but there is still a lot of hard work (pre-marital counseling, wedding planning, etc) that must be done before we make our vows.
  1. The recommendation is like building a house.  Nothing is set in stone if this recommendation is passed, but we would be laying the forms in preparation to pour the foundation.

The recommendation would need 2/3 of ballots cast by members to pass.  It will be done by paper ballot on October 23. Absentee ballots will be available.

  • Sunday Schedule

    10:00 am – Service
    Nursery - infants through age 3

    Partway through Service - Children’s Worship: Ages 4-10

    After Service – Cookies and Coffee Social Gathering