Redevelopment – Change in Direction

Redevelopment Update

Early Tuesday morning I received an email I wasn’t expecting.

As most of you know, we have been in the midst of a busy season exploring the feasibility of a boutique hotel and church partnership as we look to redevelop our property.  While there were still big hurdles to overcome, we had begun to identify many ways in which this opportunity would allow us to live into our mission and strategic plan in some very powerful ways in the village of Ada.

The email came from Orion, the developers whom we hoped to embark on this project.  They informed us in the letter that their feasibility team would not endorse the project, citing the complications of a partnership and not having full control of the facility.  They have decided not to move forward with us in this project.

In essence, this means we’re back to the drawing board.  Of course I was very disappointed to receive the news.  The amount of hours that our SAB, Consistory, and Redevelopment team have put in so far is a staggering number…above and beyond what most church members are asked to give.  There was so much potential in this project for us to live out our values and mission in Ada. Many of our team members are feeling disappointed and tired upon receiving the news.

But as much disappointment is involved in having to seek a new direction, I also realized with gratitude that the drawing board is much more detailed than it was before.  We have learned a great deal in this process.  Through our meetings as a congregation, as a Consistory, and as a Redevelopment team, we’ve learned that there is excitement and energy to do something creative, innovative, and forward-thinking.  We are poised to do something that will be cutting edge for a church. We wouldn’t know that for certain without the work we did together this past fall.  We also identified that there is little desire for the status quo when it pertains to our facility and property.  We had an opportunity to sell some property, accept some cash, and carry on with business as usual, but there was a clear message from the congregation – that doesn’t fit our mission, our dreams, or our desire to grow in new ways.

And finally, what we can celebrate is the core of who we are.  Beyond the sticks and stones that make up our building, together we are a vibrant Christian community that is growing, that seeks to be authentic, that is safe to ponder the hard questions of life, and is a place of grace and peace.  A church is not a building but a group of people, and when you look at who makes up The Community church in Ada, we are one of the richest congregations around.

So we’re back to the drawing board, but with much more information, more clarity than we had to begin with, and a desire to follow God boldly to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly…especially within the village of Ada.  Let’s enter this coming season in a spirit of prayer and openness, that God will do big things in and through us.

Pastor Billy Norden

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