Moving Forward – Parking, Redevelopment and Soggy Basements

villageplanHi Friends of The Community,

We wanted to offer a brief update so that you can stay informed about what we’re doing in the wake of our previous development plan falling through.  Here are four things to know.

1. What are we thinking when it comes to changing our building or the sale of our property?

A full range of possibilities is wide open to us again.  A wise observation was made by one of our leaders: when we voted to proceed with the Hotel/Church project, it wasn’t because that was necessarily the perfect option. It was really a vote that reflected a desire for major change on behalf of the congregation. We also understood clearly that there is little desire to sell off part of the property and keep things status quo here.  That insight will guide us and keep us ‘thinking big’ as we seek future opportunities.  Our Strategic Advisory Board is still discerning next steps.

2. What are we planning to do about our water-damaged basement?

We are in a challenging position right now.  We don’t yet know the future outcome or direction for our facilities. At the same time, we have an active and growing children’s ministry that needs space. We have community partners who would love to use our space to gather.  Our Consistory worked to address both of these realities.  There is a shared sense in our leadership that our current building will not meet our long-term needs, so we have decided not to invest heavily in the basement (knowing it will keep getting wet). However, we’d like to create a hospitable space and do some basic restoration work so that it is ready by fall programming time.  Many members of the church have offered their help to fix drywall, paint walls, and fix the flooring.  We are in the very beginning stages of organizing volunteers and creating a plan and budget.

3. How is development throughout the village impacting the church?

The clear priority that has emerged at the township level is parking.  It’s a top concern among business owners and residents as development continues. A committee with representatives from the Township Board, DDA, and Planning Commission are currently pursuing options.  This puts The Community church in a unique spot to consider innovative partnerships to both meet the needs of the township, as well as live out our mission in Ada.  Some of our strategic thinkers will be meeting with George Haga and Jim Ferro next week to talk further about collaboration.

4. What’s the point?

The core question behind buildings, property, dollars and cents is this: How will any development plan help us to live out our mission to follow in the way of Jesus by doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly with God.  How will that take shape in Ada? How will it change lives in Ada? Why will the lives of those in our community become more whole and connected to God by the direction we choose?  We believe that this is a time for us to reflect on those questions, and listen for God’s leading.  We have no doubt that God will show us the way if we stop to listen.

We’ll do our best to keep our members, friends, and the greater community in the loop and in conversation as opportunities arise.

Pastor Billy Norden, on behalf of the Strategic Advisory Board

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