Consistory Response to the Welcome Statement

Consistory Response to the Welcome Statement

In this audio segment, Chair of Elders Mark Luehmann and Chair of Deacons Adam Kinder talk about what the process was like to discern the Welcome Statement, and what it looks like to move forward together in love and faithfulness amidst our differences.


The Welcome Statement reads as follows:

The Community Church in Ada is a body of Christ-followers which strives to develop authentic relationships in a manner that errs on the side of grace and inclusivity. 

We believe that faithful study of scripture can yield a diversity of perspectives on life’s difficult questions, such as how those scriptures apply to modern life, human sexuality, and paths to relationship with God.  

Rather than avoiding our differences, we courageously engage difficult conversations. Rather than letting our differences divide us, we celebrate our diversity and courageously trust the Holy Spirit to lead us into unity that goes beyond uniformity.

People from all races, ethnicities, economic circumstances, abilities, sexual orientations, gender orientations, methods of biblical interpretation, and expressions of faith who seek to follow in the way of Christ are fully welcome to participate in all offices and aspects of the life of The Community Church in Ada.

  • Sunday Schedule

    10:00 am – Service
    Nursery - infants through age 3

    Partway through Service - Children’s Worship: Ages 4-10

    After Service – Cookies and Coffee Social Gathering