Building Renovation Update

Sanctuary Renovation Resumes

Last year, as the building renovation team began to discuss logistics, a lingering question remained unanswered.  Where will the congregation worship while the sanctuary is under construction?  Little did we know that a global pandemic would give us a months-long window of time to address the sanctuary upgrades.

Consistory met this month to talk about what it will look like to transition back to worshiping in-person. We acknowledged that there will be a period where some are ready to gather in-person again, but some will choose to worship from home. In those months, and likely after, we’ll need to offer a decent live-stream of the service. Our current technology isn’t sufficient to do it.

Likewise, we knew that it will be much easier to arrange seating that will allow for physical distancing with chairs rather than pews, which was already part of the building renovation plan.  Consistory encouraged the building renovation team to utilize this time when the sanctuary is not in use to move forward as much as possible with the project.

Knowing that we are in a season where fundraising might not be a possibility, the team will continue to work within the $110,000 allotted for the project.  A priority is being placed on A/V, seating, stage redesign, and lighting.  The rest of the project will be addressed as we have a clearer picture of finances and needs after that.

We will likely have some volunteer opportunities in some stages of this project. From pew removal to stage construction, a mix of skilled and unskilled labor will be welcome.

If you have any questions, or would like to volunteer to help, contact the building renovation chairperson, pastor Billy Norden:

  • Sunday Schedule

    10:00 am – Service
    Nursery - infants through age 3

    Partway through Service - Children’s Worship: Ages 4-10

    After Service – Cookies and Coffee Social Gathering